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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ1 - How are lessons conducted?
The lessons are structured progressively such that students learn how to lead (men role) and follow (lady role) in various partnerwork patterns/footwork. By the end of the 6th session you would have learnt a significant amount of "vocabulary" to practice putting them together in a social dance setting.


FAQ2 - What happens when I complete Level 1 Course?
There is no end to learning and how good you can get! The natural progression would be Level 2 and various workshops as you along.

FAQ3 - Do I need to bring a partner?
You do not have to bring a partner, unless you want to! We will be rotating partners within small groups in the class.

FAQ4 - What is the correct attire?
If you do not own any dance shoes, you can wear anything that allows you to move comfortably. Please avoid wearing flip-flops, or high heeled shoes that you can't walk properly, let alone dance in! If you wish to continue dancing, do invest in dance shoes or dance heels as they are the best options due to the smooth and flexible sole.


Ladies, if you are beginner dancer, avoid wearing too high heels as it will affect your ability to dance and balance well while doing turns. Highest heel recommendation for beginners is 2 inches. Once your technique is more efficient and consistent, then you can switch to heels of any height.

Where to buy shoes? 


For best quality latin dance shoes & dance heels in Singapore:

Golden River Shoe

Katong Shopping Centre #01-14, 865 Mountbatten Road, (S) 437844

Tel: 63442692

Contact: Jason

For jazz shoes (flats) that you can wear comfortably for salsa dancing:

Costumes Connections 

390, Victoria Street, #03-21 Golden Landmark (Village Hotel Bugis) Singapore 188061

Tel: 6292 5529

Fax: 6292 4339


Nearest MRT station: Bugis

FAQ5 -  Covid Measures
Masks mandatory for students in class and we reduce rotation of students within smaller groups.
Sanitizers provided in lessons and studio room is cleaned before and after lessons.

FAQ6 - I paid package price for the entire course but I will miss/have missed lessons. How can I catch up?

The instructor will always revise previous lesson at every lesson, during the first half, but do the following so you are prepared  
- Get a contact of a classmate who can share the class video that you missed
- Watch video and practice on your own
- Come to studio 15 mins earlier to ask for instructor's assistance or a classmate to practice before class starts
- Don't be shy to ask for instructor's assistance in class!

- You are welcome to attend a make-up lesson for those that you missed at the next cycle at no cost. 






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