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Learn Cuban Salsa & Bachata!
Salsa Cubana Singapore is located at Bugis area and offers a variety of lessons/workshops and affordable packages

For Pure Beginners without or with little experience, our next Beginner Course starts May 20!
Trial Class available, sign up on link below

Salsa Cubana Beginner 1A Course (Partnerwork)

Starts May 20 2024 | Mondays | 7.30pm - 9.00pm (1.5hrs x 4)
Lesson Dates - May 20, May 27, Jun 3 & Jun 10
Course of 4 weekly lessons $137/pax
Trial Class on May 13 - $38/pax for 90 mins


*Students who pay full course rates are welcome to retake Salsa 1A for FREE within 6 mths


FAQ1 - How are lessons conducted?
Lessons are structured progressively and you will learn proper techniques in social dancing for lead (man) and follow (lady) roles in various partnerwork patterns & footwork. By the end of the course, you would have learnt a significant amount of "vocabulary" to dance confidently!

FAQ2 - What happens when I complete Level 1A Course?
There is no end to learning and how good you can get! The next progression would be Level 1B and various workshops in Body Movement & Styling.

FAQ3 - Do I need to bring a partner?
You do not have to bring a partner, unless you want to! We will be rotating partners in class as Salsa is a social dance.

FAQ4 - What is the correct attire?
You can wear anything that allows you to move comfortably. Please avoid wearing flip-flops! If you wish to continue dancing, you can invest in dance shoes.

FAQ5 - I paid for trial class only, but would like to continue the rest of the course. What will be the fee?

We are glad you are want to continue your dance journey! The fee for trial lesson will be deducted from full course fees.


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